Thursday, February 20, 2014

1st outdoor run of the year!

Because of the great weather we've been having this week (30's instead of sub-zero) I figured I'd try and get a run in after work down the street at Busse woods. Unfortunately there were some major drawbacks to doing a run on Feb 19th after some major snow. First, the entire path was snow covered (I know.. duh) which sucks for running but is great for all the families with the kids on sleds. The other problem is that the sun goes down at about 5:30 so I could only get in about 30 minutes of running or so. Not exactly great but it was more of a lesson learned than anything else.

I just can't wait for the snow to go away and the weather to get warmer so I can get off the treadmill and run outside.

On a side note... I think I got my TomTom GPS watch working. I'm having a problem were the battery life is dying incredibly fast. I'm hoping that doing a factory reset and upgrading to the latest firmware fixes the issue. I've had the watch next to me all day and so far so good. One of the changes they made was that if the watch doesn't get a GPS signal lock in 15 minutes is stops looking. That should help with the battery life.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

My first post!

Hey, so this is my first blog! Actually, it's more of a test then anything really. I just figured I'd write about something I'm excited to get back to once this weather starts to get better. Running!

Just a quick note about me. I'm not a running junkie. I don't go for 20 mile runs on the weekend through exotic mountains or forests. I'm more of your everyday average runner. You know... the guy that has to (sometimes) talk himself into putting on the shoes and stepping outside. I generally run anywhere from 3 to 6 miles on average but I'm hoping to increase that this summer. So that's why I picked this subject just to test out a blog.

That's about it for now!